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The internet has brought us a wealth of information with just the click of a mouse. Unfortunately, it can't provide you the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful aroma and flavors of my cooking.


In order to do that, simply add your information below with comments or questions, or to set up a no obligation appointment. If you prefer, please give me a call at (479) 619-9668. While you're awaiting a reply, why not take a few minutes and check out my blog? I'll be featuring recipes and other fun information!

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Referrals are my best source of business. If you like my food, please tell your family and friends. If your referral signs up for one of my services, I'll prepare a special appetizer or dessert for you as my way of saying "thanks"!


Interesting Tidbits


According to the Food Marketing Institute, the average American spends at least 22 minutes in the grocery store per visit and shops two times per week. This doesn’t include travel time, let alone the time to actually prepare the meals.


A recent UCLA study showed, that even when families used convenience foods, it took 25-73 minutes to prepare a meal for 4 people. Using little or no convenience foods took between 26-93 minutes. Although some time could be saved, the real problem with these convenience foods is that they tend to contain a large amount of preservatives, unhealthy fats and sodium.


"I've known and worked with Kathy for over twenty years and can attest to her honesty, commitment and dedication to whatever task she takes on."
~ M.B. Naperville, IL